I am a product of a human and esper, can I ever learn to love?

Terra Branford is unique and interesting character. She is a young woman that was born into the world when magic becomes a threat. Unknown to her, she is the key that brings both distruction and safty to the world. Terra uses the gift called magic. Her father was an esper, and her mother was human. Her world was turn upside down during her young life when the Empire invaded her world taking her father prisoner and killing her mother. She is put into slavery and forced to listen to every beckon call. However, her life is not all misery. She is rescued during an unexpected expedition summon by the Empire. Meeting an Esper causes her to break free from the Empire's hold and become friends with the enemy of the Empire. Her life is a complete mystery. She is mostly quiet and keeps her inner turmoil over who she really is. She doesn't like to talk about her past for she really doesn't know much about her past. She is an innocent young woman who has only one goal in life: to discover love.

Terra's journey is a solo journey, but she does have her friends and comrads that travel with her. She first meets Edgar when Locke travels with her from Narshe to Figaro Castle. At first, she is not sure how to react towards Edgar's approaches. She has no memories on the feelings of love or even the flirtatious movements that the king tries on her. Throughout her whole journey, she is only trying to discover one thing: what is love?