they clung to me from the moment i arrived

When the world was destroyed by Kefka, Terra was found in the village of Mobilz. Here she witness a devasting scene as parents tried to protect their children from the destruction rays of Kefka. When all was done, something touched Terra. She felt a need, a want. Since Terra was born, she never knew the idea of a family. She was raised by the Empire to become a fighting machine. She was taken from her parents when she was just a baby. Seeing these children left all alone, raised a certain feeling inside of her. At first, she wasn't sure what this feeling was, and she tells her friends that she needs more time to figure out what is going on inside her.

When Humbaba attacks once more, Terra finally comes to a realization of what she was feeling. The children see her as there "mama." She has taken over the role of their parents making sure that the children are safe and protected. At first, the protection might have been default since she was raised as a soldier. However, as she stays with the children, Terra realizes that the children don't care about her magic or her abilities. They see her as a person who is here to take care of them. This feeling grows strong for Terra. When Humbaba attacks, she knows what the feeling is that she was trying to understand. Terra realizes that what she has been feeling is love for the children.