the one ruling empire

Gestahlian Empire is the main ruling government body in Final Fantasy VI. Hailing from the capitol city of Vector, Gestahl planned the expansion of his empire with the aid of his three generals, Kefka Palazzo, Leo Christophe and Celes Chere.

Before the game start, Gestahl lead an invasion to the Esper World years before everyting was in motion. He invaded after discovering that the Espers held the power long thought lost: magic. In capturing so many espers, he was able to change the life of one esper child in particualr. This child was Terra. She was an infant at the time, and was stolen from her parents and her world. Her human mother was killed by Gestahl himself while her esper father was taken captive.

Gestahl returned to Vector with baby Terra and plenty of Espers to start his next move in motion. He had his top scientist, Cid, work on a discovery to extract the magic from the Espers. This was a long, uncomfortable task for the Espers leading them to be drained of their abilities to the brink of death.

With the Esper's magical power at his disposal, Gestahl begins to develop his great army: magically-infused warriors and machines. He believes that with this army he will be able to conquer the world. Cid brings great accomplishment when Gestahl learns that humans can be infused with magic. At first, the infused humans does not go as plan. Kefka goes insane. However Celes Chere is a success.

With everything in motion, it looks like the Gestahlian Empire is a force to be reckon with. However, everyone knows that even evil has to eventually fall.