A two headed coin leading to his rule

Edgar Roni Figaro is known as a ladies' man. No matter what, he is a straight flirtatious gentleman that hits on all the women he sees. He unsuccessfully hits on Terra, flirts with Celes upon meeting her, and apparently shows an interest in Relm before she tells him her age. Locke makes Edgar a target for jokes while his twin brother Sabin refers to his behavior towards women as an "old bad habit".

However, Edgar is still a king, and his dedication to his kindgom is top priority. He is a cunning person and pretends to be an ally for Empire while truly supporting the Returners. He is a smart person with daring ideas and great strategies. One of his daring ideas is when Locke, Terra, and Edgar escape from Figaro on chocobo and the castle dives into the sand. Edgar is committed to his responsibilities towards his subjects, protecting them as best as he can. He refuses to take items for free knowing that families need the money just as much.

Edgar became king when his father passed away at the age of seventeen. It was a tragic night for both Edgar and his twin brother Sabin. Sabin didn't want to believe everyone that their father was poison by the Empire. He also felt that nobody cared that their father has passed except who was going to be the next King. He urged Edgar to run away with him, far from the castle and corrupted politics. Edgar wanted to go with his brother, but knew that abandoning the kingdom would go against their father's wishes, and decided to give his brother his freedom in trade for his own. At the tallest tower, he made a deal with Sabin and proposed a coin toss. Unknown to Sabin, this coin was two headed and would give Sabin his freedom while Edgar took the role of King. Edgar's dedication to family and his kingdom is strong. He cares about everyone in it willing to sacrafice his happiness for theirs. When he made the deal with Sabin, he picked "head" for Sabin, and Sabin left with his freedom never knowing that his brother tricked him.

Edgar established an official friendship with the Empire, but never forgot who killed his father and caused his brother to leave home. He secretly allied with the Returners, a resistance movement against the Empire, to avenge what has happen with his family.