I have loved Final Fantasy VI since I was a little girl. I play it almost any time I get. My favorite music is Terra's theme. As you can tell, I am pretty addicted to the series. However, the pairing was something that surprised me. I always thought that I would fall for Locke and Celes. However, when I started the game, Locke wasn't one of my favorite characters. It was Terra and Edgar. After playing the game so much, I started to realize that there was a small connection between the two. Okay, maybe there wasn't. However, that didn't matter to me. I fell in love with the pairing. I knew I wanted to make a small dedication to them. I was just unsure how big. Right now, I am pretty proud how it turned out.

There is no version or names for the layouts created for this shrine. I just make them as the come. The current layout features Terra Branford and Edgar Roni Figaro from an artwork created by a friend who preferred to stay unknown. These characters are not mine or I would have tried something to hook them up. These two belong Square Enix. The layout was created in Adobe Photoshop and coded using Notepad.

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